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29 October 2011

Archlord Kristya - One Fairy To Rule Them All

Special Summons! By now, they are the key to success of many Decks. With the advent of , many Decks focus exclusively on their ability to Summon - if something locks them out of their Summons, or Special Summons in general, then they are often beaten right away. When that something is a Level 8 with 2800 ATK and the ability to come back right after you get rid of it, they are toast. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present "", the card you definitely don't want to see on your opponent's side of the .

"" has not one, not two, not even three noteworthy - it has a grand total of four. First of all, you can Special Summon it by having exactly four Fairies in your Graveyard. This makes its Summon fairly easy - many Fairies like "", "", and "" can dump themselves into the Graveyard with ease. Of course, "Kristya" doesn't have to be Special Summoned by this - you can use "" or "" to Special Summon it, or even Tribute Summon it. You will want to use its , though, because if it is Special Summoned by its own , you can return one of those Fairies to your hand! One obvious choice would be the aforementioned "", which allows this card to power over anything, including on- . That 4000 ATK "" isn't so powerful now, is it?

Third is the most powerful of this card, the one most dreaded by duelists - "Neither player can Special Summon ". It is a "" with 2800 ATK! Sorry, but it looks like the that you would be using to take out this huge threat - "", "", "", and others - are just going to be useless. And not much that is Summoned can deal with it either. Finally, whenever it would go from the to the Graveyard, it returns to the top of your Deck instead. Meaning that even if your opponent uses "" or "" to deal with "", it will be back next turn - and this time your opponent will have even less ways to stop it.

So, the is, where do you put this powerful card? Well, it can fit into a couple decks, one being a deck, and the other being Lightsworns. It seems counterintuitive, as "Lightsworns" rely on Special Summons with "Wulf", "Lumina", and "". The trick here is to Summon "Kristya" after you make those special summons, ensuring your opponent cannot with their own. It is a strategy that has been in use for a while - Tele-DAD and Cat decks often Main or Side Decked "" in their heyday. With Lightsworns, it is even better, because that "" now has 2800 ATK and itself. And with many Fairies being used in "Lightsworns", such as "Celestia", "", and the TCG-exclusive "", it is easy to Summon. Otherwise, you can build a Deck based around "" itself - using cards like "" and "" to thin the Deck and fill the Graveyard for "Kristya's" summon.

So, how do you get rid of ""? There's really only one good answer - remove it from play. Use "" to get it as soon as it enters the , or "" to remove it while it's on the . Alternatively, you can negate the Special Summon with cards like "", "", or "". This prevents it from hitting the , so it won't be able to itself. You can even use "" to control the number of Fairies in your opponent's Graveyard, preventing it from special summoning itself. You will want to have at least one of these options in your Main Deck or Side Deck, because "" can tear through most Decks out there, and stopping it will be a priority.

This article uses material from the "" article on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Attribution-Share Alike License.

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