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ANPR-EN032 Cyborg Doctor Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

ANPR-EN032 Cyborg Doctor Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card YuGiOh
Type: Monster
Type I: Effect
Type II: Spellcaster
Attribute: Earth
Level: 4
Attack: 1500
Defence: 1700
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Last updated:
26 July 2014

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Rulings for Cyborg Doctor Yu-gi-oh! Card

Card text

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 you control to Special Summon a from your Graveyard with the same Attribute and Level as the Tributed .

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Rulings for Cyborg DoctorYu-gi-oh! Card

Tributing 1 is a cost.
You can Tribute a face-down .
This targets 1 in your Graveyard.
If you Tribute "" that is being treated as a to activate the of "," you can Special Summon a , , , , or -Attribute from your Graveyard.

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  • You can summon the you tributed.

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