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ANPR-EN057 Brain Research Lab Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

ANPR-EN057 Brain Research Lab Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card YuGiOh
Type: Spell
Spell type: Field
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26 July 2014

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Rulings for Brain Research Lab Yu-gi-oh! Card

Card text

Once per turn, you can Summon 1 -Type in addition to your Summon or Set. If successful, place 1 on this card. You can also place 1 on this card instead of paying Life Points to activate any -Type 's that you control. When this card is removed from the , the controller of this card takes 1000 damage for each on it.

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Rulings for Brain Research LabYu-gi-oh! Card

None of the of "" start a Chain.
If a 's Type is changed to by "" you can activate its that require a Life Point payment by placing 1 on this card.
If the of "" are negated while it's face-up on the , any on it are removed.
You cannot place a on this card to activate an that you would not have enough Life Points to activate otherwise.
You cannot place a on this card to activate the of a card like "."
You cannot place a to use the of "" or other such that are not an activation that start a Chain.
If "" is returned to your hand or Deck, you will still take damage for each .
You can only use the of "" to Summon 1 -Type once per turn, even if you play a second copy of "."
If you activate "" or the of "" you can still activate the of "" to Summon a -Type . Each is separate from the rest.
You must still Tribute for Level 5 or higher -Type when you use the of "."

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Play tips for this YuGiOh Card

  • You can use to remove the on this card to reduce the amount of damage you may take should this card be destroyed.
  • A handy card to have with this card is so you don't take the damage when it is removed.
  • Use with this card so you don't have to worry about this card being destroyed and taking damage if your opponent activates another .
  • This card works very well with Monarchs, since you can Summon a -Type , then Tribute it for a Monarch.
  • If necessary, you can activate along with during your opponent's turn, and destroy this card for a massive (and potentially life-saving) Life Point boost.

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