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ANPR-EN065 Pixie Ring Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

ANPR-EN065 Pixie Ring Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card YuGiOh
Type: Trap
Trap type: Continuous
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26 July 2014

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Rulings for Pixie Ring Yu-gi-oh! Card

Card text

If you control 2 or more Attack Position , your opponent cannot select your (s) with the lowest ATK as an attack target.

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Rulings for Pixie RingYu-gi-oh! Card

Even if your with the lowest ATK is in Defense Position while "" is active, it cannot be selected as an attack target.
If all you control have the same ATK while "" is active, your opponent cannot declare an attack (except with that can attack directly such as Earthbound Immortals, "" etc.)

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Play tips for this YuGiOh Card

  • This card provides "Batteryman" decks with a chance to prevent the opponent from attacking. Activate "" while is out,to form an attack lock that prevents the opponent from attacking "" (that has 0 ATK), while also preventing the opponent from attacking any other ""-type on the .
  • If you have this card active while you control 2 face-up low attack of equal attacks (ex. 2 ) your opponent cannot attack either of the 2 nor can they attack you directly.
  • This card provides a backup plan for Ojama decks; if is destroyed while you have all your "Ojamas" in Attack Position, it will prevent your opponent from attacking your "Ojamas".
  • Combo this card with and any other level 4 high attack to prevent your opponent from attacking.
  • Combine this card with . As long as you have another with 300 or more attack, your opponent cannot declare an attack, unless you have a with less than 300 ATK.
  • Use this card in an Earthbound Immortal deck to protect your weaker .
  • Use this card with . It can prevent your opponent from attacking any since the only attack target is the equipped with this.

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