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AP03 - Astral Pack 3
LCJW - Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World
LC04 - Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World

Duelist Revolution

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Number Name Rarity Price
DREV-EN001 Earthquake Giant Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN001 Earthquake Giant price
DREV-EN009 Uni-Horned Familiar Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN009 Uni-Horned Familiar price
DREV-EN065 Howl of the Wild Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN065 Howl of the Wild price
DREV-EN024 Wattbetta Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN024 Wattbetta price
DREV-EN055 Unicorn Beacon Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN055 Unicorn Beacon price
DREV-EN056 Beast Rage Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN056 Beast Rage price
DREV-EN058 Pestilence Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN058 Pestilence price
DREV-EN059 Cursed Armaments Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN059 Cursed Armaments price
DREV-EN061 Summoning Curse Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN061 Summoning Curse price
DREV-EN063 Desperate Tag Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN063 Desperate Tag price

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DREV-EN064 Battle Instinct Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN064 Battle Instinct price
DREV-EN068 Barrier Wave Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN068 Barrier Wave price
DREV-EN073 Queen's Pawn Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN073 Queen's Pawn price
DREV-EN074 Beast Rising Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN074 Beast Rising price
DREV-EN037 Final Psychic Ogre Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN037 Final Psychic Ogre price
DREV-EN045 Blind Spot Strike Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN045 Blind Spot Strike price
DREV-EN025 Wattlemur Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN025 Wattlemur price
DREV-EN017 Rhinotaurus Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN017 Rhinotaurus price
DREV-EN018 Hypnocorn Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN018 Hypnocorn price
DREV-EN020 Scrap Goblin Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN020 Scrap Goblin price
DREV-EN028 Naturia Beans Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN028 Naturia Beans price
DREV-EN010 Monoceros Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN010 Monoceros price
DREV-EN013 Bicorn Re'em Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN013 Bicorn Re'em price
DREV-EN014 Mine Mole Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN014 Mine Mole price
DREV-EN004 Damage Eater Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN004 Damage Eater price
DREV-EN006 Stronghold Guardian Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN006 Stronghold Guardian price
DREV-EN070 Scrap Rage Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN070 Scrap Rage price
DREV-EN071 Wattcannon Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN071 Wattcannon price
DREV-EN078 Anti-Magic Prism Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN078 Anti-Magic Prism price
DREV-EN080 Light of Destruction Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN080 Light of Destruction price
DREV-EN086 Guts of Steel Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN086 Guts of Steel price
DREV-EN095 Flamvell Archer Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN095 Flamvell Archer price
DREV-EN096 Flamvell Fiend Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN096 Flamvell Fiend price
DREV-EN097 Genex Worker Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN097 Genex Worker price
DREV-EN098 Genex Power Planer Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN098 Genex Power Planer price
DREV-EN003 Dash Warrior Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN003 Dash Warrior price
DREV-EN051 Naturia Forest Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN051 Naturia Forest price
DREV-EN052 Landoise's Luminous Moss Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN052 Landoise's Luminous Moss price
DREV-EN049 Scrap Sheen Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN049 Scrap Sheen price
DREV-EN050 Wattcine Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN050 Wattcine price
DREV-EN038 Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN038 Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste price
DREV-EN035 Synchro Fusionist Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN035 Synchro Fusionist price
DREV-EN036 Ambitious Gofer Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN036 Ambitious Gofer price
DREV-EN042 Lightning Tricorn Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN042 Lightning Tricorn price
DREV-EN066 Parallel Selection Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN066 Parallel Selection price
DREV-EN067 Reanimation Wave Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN067 Reanimation Wave price
DREV-EN060 Wiseman’s Chalice Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN060 Wiseman’s Chalice price
DREV-EN007 Playful Possum Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN007 Playful Possum price
DREV-EN008 Egotistical Ape Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN008 Egotistical Ape price
DREV-EN011 D.D. Unicorn Knight Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN011 D.D. Unicorn Knight price
DREV-EN012 Unibird Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN012 Unibird price
DREV-EN022 Scrap Hunter Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN022 Scrap Hunter price
DREV-EN030 Amazoness Sage Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN030 Amazoness Sage price
DREV-EN031 Amazoness Trainee Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN031 Amazoness Trainee price
DREV-EN033 Lock Cat Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN033 Lock Cat price
DREV-EN026 Wattpheasant Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN026 Wattpheasant price
DREV-EN054 Amazoness Fighting Spirit Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN054 Amazoness Fighting Spirit price
DREV-EN094 Flamvell Poun Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN094 Flamvell Poun price
DREV-ENSE1 Drill Warrior Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-ENSE1 Drill Warrior price
DREV-EN088 Amazoness Shamanism Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN088 Amazoness Shamanism price
DREV-EN089 Super Rush Recklessly Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN089 Super Rush Recklessly price
DREV-EN081 Amazoness Scouts Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN081 Amazoness Scouts price
DREV-EN083 D.D. Destroyer Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN083 D.D. Destroyer price
DREV-EN084 Dark Desertapir Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN084 Dark Desertapir price
DREV-EN072 Amazoness Willpower Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN072 Amazoness Willpower price
DREV-EN027 Naturia Mosquito Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN027 Naturia Mosquito price
DREV-EN005 A/D Changer Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN005 A/D Changer price
DREV-EN069 Chain Whirlwind Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN069 Chain Whirlwind price
DREV-EN040 Thunder Unicorn Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN040 Thunder Unicorn price
DREV-EN015 Trident Warrior Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN015 Trident Warrior price
DREV-EN053 Amazoness Village Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN053 Amazoness Village price
DREV-EN041 Voltic Bicorn Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN041 Voltic Bicorn price
DREV-EN034 Elephun Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN034 Elephun price
DREV-EN075 Horn of the Phantom Beast Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN075 Horn of the Phantom Beast price
DREV-EN092 Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator Secret Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN092 Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator price
DREV-EN093 Miracle's Wake Secret Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN093 Miracle's Wake price
DREV-EN082 Naturia Pineapple Secret Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN082 Naturia Pineapple price
DREV-EN057 Miracle Synchro Fusion Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN057 Miracle Synchro Fusion price
DREV-EN046 Double Cyclone Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN046 Double Cyclone price
DREV-EN023 Scrap Golem Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN023 Scrap Golem price
DREV-ENSP1 Scrap Archfiend Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-ENSP1 Scrap Archfiend price
DREV-EN079 Chivalry Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN079 Chivalry price
DREV-EN044 Wattchimera Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN044 Wattchimera price
DREV-EN087 Amazoness Heirloom Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN087 Amazoness Heirloom price
DREV-EN048 Scrapstorm Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN048 Scrapstorm price
DREV-EN021 Scrap Beast Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN021 Scrap Beast price
DREV-EN000 Scrap Archfiend Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN000 Scrap Archfiend price
DREV-EN076 Paradox Fusion Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN076 Paradox Fusion price
DREV-EN039 Ultimate Axon Kicker Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN039 Ultimate Axon Kicker price
DREV-ENSE2 Gold Sarcophagus Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-ENSE2 Gold Sarcophagus price
DREV-EN047 Scrapyard Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN047 Scrapyard price
DREV-EN032 Amazoness Queen Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN032 Amazoness Queen price
DREV-EN019 Scrap Chimera Super Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN019 Scrap Chimera price
DREV-EN016 Delta Flyer Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN016 Delta Flyer price
DREV-EN029 Naturia Bamboo Shoot Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN029 Naturia Bamboo Shoot price
DREV-EN090 Mystical Refpanel Secret Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN090 Mystical Refpanel price
DREV-EN085 Psychic Nightmare Secret Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN085 Psychic Nightmare price
DREV-EN099 Stygian Street Patrol Secret Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN099 Stygian Street Patrol price
DREV-EN091 Fabled Raven Secret Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN091 Fabled Raven price
DREV-EN043 Scrap Dragon Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card DREV-EN043 Scrap Dragon price
Monster/Effect, Gemini, Spirit, Toon, UnionMonster/TokenSpellTrap

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