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RP01-EN096 Cyber Harpie Lady Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

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RP01-EN096 Cyber Harpie Lady Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card YuGiOh
Type: Monster
Type I: Effect
Type II: Winged-Beast
Attribute: Wind
Level: 4
Attack: 1800
Defence: 1300
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Secret Rare Yu-gi-oh card price RP01-EN096 Cyber Harpie Lady  Edition Secret Rare YuGiCo.com

Last updated:
21 September 2013

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Play tips for this YuGiOh Card

  • This card is the second strongest of the Harpie Ladies (with being the first), making it more likely to survive if it happens to be alone on the , but it lacks the ATK boost of and it cannot be search-summoned by due to its higher ATK. Weigh the pros and cons of this card before choosing it over one of the other Harpies.
  • Since this card is treated as a you can only have 3 copies of this card in combination with any other . For example, you can have 1 and 2 , or vice-versa (Don't forget that this also applies to the side-deck).

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