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SOD-EN009 Dark Mimic LV1 Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

SOD-EN009 Dark Mimic LV1 Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card YuGiOh
Type: Monster
Type I: Effect
Type II: Fiend
Attribute: Dark
Level: 1
Attack: 100
Defence: 1000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Guide Price: Yu-gi-oh card price SOD-EN009 Dark Mimic LV1 YuGiCo.com
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Edition Rarity Guide price
1st Common Yu-gi-oh card price SOD-EN009 Dark Mimic LV1 1st Edition Common YuGiCo.com
Unlimited Common Yu-gi-oh card price SOD-EN009 Dark Mimic LV1 Unlimited Edition Common YuGiCo.com

Last updated:
26 July 2014

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Card text

FLIP: Draw 1 card from your Deck. Also, during your Standby Phase, send this face-up card to the Graveyard to Special Summon 1 "" from your hand or Deck.

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Play tips for this YuGiOh Card

  • Play and choose . Flip this card from face down/summon it and activate . While you won't draw from all your Mimics, you will surely be able to level a few of them up, even if you don't stop your opponet from attacking. can make sure only one of your dies a turn.
  • Use when this card is face-down on your side of the and about to be attacked. You'll draw a card, it will replace itself with on your next standby phase, and your opponent's will still be in a position to destroy the LV3 by battle the next turn, granting you even more cards. Properly used, the two Mimic cards can have a massive deck-thinning .

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