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SOD-EN043 Ectoplasmer Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

SOD-EN043 Ectoplasmer Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card YuGiOh
Type: Spell
Spell type: Continuous
Yu-Gi-Oh! Guide Price: Yu-gi-oh card price SOD-EN043 Ectoplasmer YuGiCo.com
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Edition Rarity Guide price
1st Super Rare Yu-gi-oh card price SOD-EN043 Ectoplasmer 1st Edition Super Rare YuGiCo.com
1st Ultimate Rare Yu-gi-oh card price SOD-EN043 Ectoplasmer 1st Edition Ultimate Rare YuGiCo.com
Unlimited Super Rare Yu-gi-oh card price SOD-EN043 Ectoplasmer Unlimited Edition Super Rare YuGiCo.com
Unlimited Ultimate Rare Yu-gi-oh card price SOD-EN043 Ectoplasmer Unlimited Edition Ultimate Rare YuGiCo.com

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28 September 2013

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Rulings for Ectoplasmer Yu-gi-oh! Card

Card text

Only once during each player's End Phase, the turn player Tributes 1 face-up on his/her side of the and inflicts damage to the opponent's Life Points equal to half of the original ATK of the Tributed .

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Rulings for EctoplasmerYu-gi-oh! Card

"" causes the turn player to Tribute during his/her End Phase, but the opponent does not Tribute. So while "" is out, I Tribute in my End Phase, and you Tribute in your End Phase. But I don't Tribute in yours and you don't Tribute in mine.

So 1 Tribute is performed during the End Phase of each player's turn. The Tribute is performed by the turn player. (Both players have to do this during their respective End Phases, not just the controller of "".)

Tributing a for "" is not a cost, it's an , so you can't Tribute unaffected by Cards.

If you have a face-up on your side of the during the End Phase, you have to Tribute for ""'s .

You can chain "" or "" to ""'s , and if there is no "" on the , then its is not applied.

You can activate "" during your Main Phase and use its to Tribute your opponent's for "" during the End Phase.

If you Tribute your opponent's that you controlled with "" or "", your opponent takes the damage even though it was their .

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Play tips for this YuGiOh Card

  • Try to use this Card with cards that take control of a opponent's for one turn like .
  • This card can be used with high ATK Level 4 who switch their Battle Positions after attacking, as you can then tribute them afterwards for additional damage.

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