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SOD-EN056 Mind Crush Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

SOD-EN056 Mind Crush Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card YuGiOh
Type: Trap
Trap type: Normal
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28 September 2013

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Rulings for Mind Crush Yu-gi-oh! Card

Card text

Declare 1 card name. If your opponent has a declared card(s) in his/her hand, discard all of the declared card(s) to the Graveyard. Otherwise, you randomly discard 1 card from your hand.

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Rulings for Mind CrushYu-gi-oh! Card

You cannot activate "" if you have no hand. Both players must have at least 1 card in hand in order to activate "".

You declare the card name when you activate "".

If the opponent doesn't have the named card, you can check their hand to confirm.

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Play tips for this YuGiOh Card

  • Use in conjunction with once you know your opponent's deck's theme to take out their powerhouses.
  • Use when you know your opponent has more than one card of the same name in their hand. This will give you at least a +1 in card advantage.
  • If used in a World Deck, if you guess incorrectly, you can benefit from a World card's by discarding it. Use this strategy with caution, as the alternate of "" requires you to discard a random card from your hand.
  • This card works well against Gadget Decks.
  • This card works exceptionally well against Decks as many of their cards search their deck for specific cards, sometimes in multiple amounts. If you know you opponent is playing a deck revolving around then you can chain this card to their declaring "". Since they now have to discard ALL of the in their hand, their card resolves with no and is sent to the Graveyard.
  • This card works against Lightsworn Decks, as you can use it to make your opponent discard their .
  • This card works very well in countering since the opponent will declare whatever he/she adds to his/her hand.
  • This card works against Decks with Koa'ki Meiru cards, because your opponent reveals 1 card to you in the End Phase or by activating a card like .
  • This card works well against Exodia decks, because the parts of Exodia are limited and forcing your opponent to discard them will wreck their strategy as long as you prevent the discarded part from returning to the hand.

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