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AP03 - Astral Pack 3
LCJW - Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World
LC04 - Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World

Created Cards

Fancy crossing the boundaries of the official Yu-Gi-Oh game? View our amazing Created Cards - designed to impress and inspire the best of the Yu-Gi-Oh players!

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Here are our awesome, top rated and best reviewed created cards - to amaze and inspire! Got your own ideas? Use our YuGiOh Card Creator to design your own card!

Prehistoric Abomination - Suchomnomnicon

7 like(s). 
PPA-012 Prehistoric Abomination - Suchomnomnicon
Extra Lock

5 like(s). 
FDF-019 Extra Lock
Razrushitel, the Tyrant Divinity

5 like(s). 
PPA-013 Razrushitel, the Tyrant Divinity
Primordial Dragon Quetzalryu

5 like(s). 
PPA-009 Primordial Dragon Quetzalryu
Plaguespreader Lord

4 like(s). 
ZOMBIE-MADNESS Plaguespreader Lord
Elemental Dragon - Deity Sucessor

4 like(s). 
DRAG-28 Elemental Dragon - Deity Sucessor
Prehistoric Abomination - Trikillertops

4 like(s). 
PPA-011 Prehistoric Abomination - Trikillertops
The Enchanting Ritual

3 like(s). 
Dead-21 The Enchanting Ritual
Reincarnated Captain Jack Sparrow

3 like(s). 
Dead-11 Reincarnated Captain Jack Sparrow

3 like(s). 
Overflowing Ship!!

3 like(s). 
Sea-26 Overflowing Ship!!
Sea Predator Moronic Pliosaur

3 like(s). 
Sea-22 Sea Predator Moronic Pliosaur
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