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SD10-EN025 Limiter Removal Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

SD10-EN025 Limiter Removal Common Yu-Gi-Oh! Card YuGiOh
Type: Spell
Spell type: Quick-Play
Yu-Gi-Oh! Guide Price: Yu-gi-oh card price SD10-EN025 Limiter Removal YuGiCo.com
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1st Common Yu-gi-oh card price SD10-EN025 Limiter Removal 1st Edition Common YuGiCo.com
Unlimited Common Yu-gi-oh card price SD10-EN025 Limiter Removal Unlimited Edition Common YuGiCo.com

Last updated:
20 April 2013

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Card text

Double the ATK of all face-up -Type on your side of the , until the end of this turn. During the End Phase, destroy all that were affected by this .

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Play tips for this YuGiOh Card

  • Play this card after increasing a -type 's ATK with all other boosts you intend to use, because then the other ATK boosts will be doubled.
  • can be used in conjunction with this card for Life Points gain.
  • If you are attacking with several in a single turn, it may be better to wait until the damage step of your first direct attack to activate this card; although you would theoretically do more damage if you activate "" with the first attack, in practice your opponent will be more likely to save his for later if he does not think your direct attack will damage him that much.
  • This card can be helpful when combined with in a deck, and the (s) destroyed will provide the 800 ATK boost later on.
  • Use this card in combination with . Attack with all the during the Battle Phase, then them during Main Phase 2 to prevent their destruction.
  • This card is perfect in and VWXYZ decks. Attack with the material after activating "," and then fuse them in Main Phase 2 to prevent destruction. More damage can be done with ," and will most likely result in an OTK.
  • This card works well in Meklord Decks. When your are destroyed by this , you can Special Summon a Meklord Emperor from your hand.

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